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Titanium equipment
Non-standard equipment
Electric heating reactor
SZG series doule cone rotary vacuum drying machine
Stainless steel tank 0.3 m3-10000 m3
Crystal slicer
ZL series vacuum mulser device
DL series bag filter
Steam heating reactor
ZN-C new type of concentrator
BM2.2-60 series Film evaporators
High pressure reactor, high pressure magnetic reactor
Fermentation tank, seed tanks series
ZJG type internal heating agitation vacuum drying machine
WZI type exterior heating type vacuum evaporator
Tubular condenser 1 m2-200 m2
Spiral plate heat exchanger 1 m2-150 m2
Adjustable high shear mixed emulsifying machine
FS type multi-functional agitating and dispersing reactor
Multifunctional scraper concentrator
Model JC Traditional Chinese medicine alcohol precipitation tank
Multi-function extractor
Model JN series vacuum rake type dryer
vulcanizing tank
LG efficient rotating film evaporator
WZW alcohol distillation unit
Dynamic hot reflux extraction inspissation machines
ZF type steam generator
Glass-line carbon steel stainless steel equipment
Steam accumulator
Dynamic hot reflux extraction inspissation machines

The unit is mainly composed of the dynamic extraction tank,evaporation and concentration device and process piping and other components, sets dynamic hot reflux extraction, vacuum concentration, solvent recovery as one integration, and can carry out continuous and synchronization of extraction and concentration in airtight state, solvent steam produced during the concentration backflows to the extraction tank after being condensed, and can use the second steam to reheat the material in extraction for thermal circumfluence dynamic extraction, applicable to water and organic solvent with normal and 60 or so of the low temperature of extraction for the traditional Chinese medicine, biological, food, light industries, it has less investment, high efficiency, energy saving and the other obvious advantages.

Extraction tank volume
Working pressure in jacket MPa
Working temperature in jacket
Working temperature in tank work
Vacuum degree in tank MPa
Motor Power KW
Concentration ratio
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